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AIFM Services

We are an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) for real estate, private equity, infrastructure, fund of funds, hedge funds, equity funds and fixed income funds. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions including a full management company solution or tailored solutions for risk management, investment compliance, portfolio management, valuation, reporting and marketing notifications. Our AIFM services are ideal for asset managers needing to meet the obligations of AIFMD and provide an efficient, cost-effective and quick to market solution.

Risk management

We provide comprehensive risk management services to a wide range of alternative investment vehicles from plain vanilla to bespoke derivative strategies and from liquid to illiquid assets. We work with our clients to understand their business, their strategies and their aims to develop a customised risk management framework. We are flexible and take different approaches for different strategies producing meaningful reports for the portfolio manager’s front office.

Our risk management team has the experience, the processes and the systems to deliver the risk management framework you need. We work with in-house developed methodologies and frameworks as well as third party software. We go beyond the regulatory tick the box approach and add value to your processes.

Portfolio management

We provide portfolio management or oversight of the delegated portfolio management function for a range of investment vehicles. Our portfolio management team have real world experience of managing funds and can either oversee your delegated portfolio manager or act as portfolio manager. We will ensure that the portfolio management process is in line with the risk profile and strategy of your funds. We can work pre or post trade, depending on the services required. Using established data flows from central administrators to extract the information we need, we go beyond the regulations and can help you with analyses of past performance, future strategy and peer group comparisons.

In addition to portfolio management, we can also advise on product structuring and assist with interactions with regulators and auditors.


We offer valuation and valuation oversight solutions to fit the needs of your fund. Our experienced portfolio valuation team provide cost-efficient and robust valuation services for, not only the annual, independent valuation of assets required by law, but also other valuation services. With our wide ranging experience and a broad network of contacts we can provide valuation services directly and can introduce you to other valuation agents you may want to or need to work with.

We service all types of alternative assets either fully in house or with input from third party appraisers. We are flexible, with wide ranging experience, matching our service to what our clients want and can integrate client solutions with our own.

Investment compliance

We offer investment compliance monitoring. Our investment compliance service includes the regular monitoring of a fund’s portfolio to ensure compliance with the investment restrictions as defined by law and by the prospectus of the fund. Our investment compliance solutions are efficient, flexible and competitive.

Marketing notifications

Marketing notifications in a cross-border environment can be a complex process. Our in-house team of experts can support you with your initial cross-border registrations and with maintaining the registrations of your cross-border vehicles. Our team are experienced, capable and efficient delivering streamlined solutions.


We have a dedicated reporting team providing a suite of reporting services for AIFs. When appointed as management company, we will take care of all mandatory reporting and can also be appointed to produce PRIIPs. Our systems are scalable, secure and have multi-lingual capability.

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