Risk Management Solutions

The Law of 17 December 2010 concerning undertakings for collective investment requires that management companies must employ a risk management process which enables them to monitor and measure at any time the risk of positions held and their contribution to the overall risk profile of the portfolio.  MDO Management Company has a comprehensive, transparent and independent risk management framework in place to meet this need.

MDO’s risk management solution facilitates the active management, early recognition and evaluation of risks and enables investment vehicles to be fully compliant with Luxembourg’s regulatory requirements.  MDO has licensed Bloomberg's Enterprise Risk system as a calculation, compliance and risk management engine.  

MDO’s risk management solutions include the identification, measurement and management of the risks to which funds may be exposed, including global exposure either via commitment approach for non-complex sub-funds, global exposure via Value at Risk approach for complex sub-funds, including back-testing and stress testing, liquidity risk monitoring and reporting, counterparty risk and operational risk.

MDO’s risk management solutions are efficient, flexible and competitive.  Please contact us on (+352) 26 00 21 462 to discuss your risk management requirements or send an e mail to  sales .