Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) are, since July 2012, a mandatory requirement for UCITS funds. The KIID provides a concise overview of a UCITS and is written in plain language and in a standardised format to enable easy comparisons between products. The KIID must include the investment objectives and policy, the synthetic risk reward profile (SRRI), costs and associated charges, past performance and practical information about the UCITS.

Key Information Documents (KIDs) for Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) were introduced in January 2018 for AIFs selling to retail investors.  The PRIIP regulation sets out a standardised KID with the aim to improve the information and its comparability between different PRIIPs.

MDO has a dedicated team taking care of the KIID  and PRIIP KID production for our clients. Our full service includes:

  • Co-ordination between all interested parties;
  • Collating all necessary data;
  • Defining – together with the investment manager – the correct wording of the investment objective and the risk disclosures in plain language;
  • Calculation and on-going monitoring of SRRIs/SRIs;


  • Monitoring of live information to ensure timely adaption of the KIIDs/KIDs whenever required.

MDO produces and manages KIIDs  and PRIIP KIDs in a secure on-line environment whilst ensuring mass production, multi-lingual capability, data integrity and efficiency.

Please contact us on (+352) 26 00 21 463 to discuss your KIID and PRIIP KID requirements or send an e-mail to  sales .