Investment Compliance Solutions

MDO’s investment compliance solutions include the regular monitoring of a fund’s portfolio to ensure compliance with the investment restrictions defined by the 2010 Law, and fund-specific soft and hard investment restrictions and objectives as stated in the prospectus. The timely and accurate monitoring of these restrictions and reporting to the Fund Manager is facilitated through Bloomberg and reporting from Bloomberg  AIM will highlight areas of potential investment breach, which is then transmitted to the Fund Manager for follow-up.  If an investment breach is identified, the factors that contributed to the situation are analysed, and the Fund Manager is notified to correct the position.  Non-compliance trends are closely monitored and shared with the Conducting Persons of a Fund for further action.

MDO’s investment compliance solutions are efficient, flexible and competitive.  Please contact us on (+352) 26 00 21 462 to discuss your investment compliance requirements or send an e mail to  sales .