Infrastructure Solutions

Working with the Partners of  The Directors’ Office  who fill the role of resident Conducting Person, MDO provides material and logistical infrastructure together with the support of experienced, qualified staff to ensure UCITS IV compliance.

The Partners represent more than 400 years of experience in the financial sector, with specific expertise in asset management, fund operations, legal and regulatory requirements, as well as audit and control activities in Europe, the US and Asia.

MDO provides the material and logistical infrastructure needed to meet the Luxembourg substance requirements, i.e. i] supervision of the risk management procedures; ii] surveillance of delegations; iii] contribution to the organisation of the governance of the fund; and iv] reporting duties.

MDO’s Infrastructure model is proven, operationally robust and can be tailored to suit all types of UCITS IV funds or management companies.

This model is not limited to compliance with European legislation such as UCITS IV and can be applied to other investment funds looking to ensure good governance procedures and tax practices.

Please contact us on +352 26 00 21 462 to discuss your infrastructure requirements or send an e mail to  sales .