David Arendt joins The Directors’ Office as Partner

May 15, 2017

The Directors’ Office, Luxembourg’s leading practice of independent directors, is delighted to welcome David Arendt who joins as Partner in May 2017.

 Carlo Montagna, Lead Partner at The Directors’ Office said, “We are delighted to welcome David as Partner.  His experience in the legal profession and in finance and business, in Luxembourg and abroad, adds breadth to our organisation.  As a banker in New York, David was instrumental in setting up one of the very first UCITS in Luxembourg on behalf of a leading global fund manager.  David is well known and well connected in Luxembourg and will help us develop our business.  We see a clear case for Independent Directors to protect investors’ interests outside the fund industry.”

 David, whose career spans nearly 40 years, has worked in Europe and the US in law, finance and business fields.  Most recently he has held senior positions such as Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director.

 Martin Vogel, CEO of MDO Management Company and Partner of The Directors’ Office, added, “A recent study by rating agency Fitch concludes that Luxembourg based UCITS lag behind those domiciled in the USA in terms of Board composition.  Close to a quarter of Luxembourg UCITS funds have no independent directors at all.  We believe that Independent Directors are vital to increase Board effectiveness and to ensure shareholder protection.  The Directors’ Office stands for best practice and all of our Partners bring their life-long experience in the fund and other industries to bear on the boards upon which they sit.  With all this in mind, we are looking forward to adding David to our team.”

 For further information or comment, please contact Carlo Montagna on +352-260021-326 or David Arendt on +352 26 00 21-346 or Martin Vogel on +352 26 00 21 1